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St. Paul Catholic Church

Plainfield, WI

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St. Paul Catholic Cemetery
W11901 Alp Ave.
Plainfield, WI 54966

St. Paul Catholic Cemetery







New Cemetery Sign in 2013





Cemetery manager:
Larry Zalewski, 715-335-6725


Parishioner: $300 per grave site which includes perpetual care.

Two cremains may be buried on one site for $400.

Non-Parishioner: $450 per grave site which includes perpetual care.

Two cremains may be buried on one site for $550.


All caskets must be enclosed in cement or stainless steel vaults.

The container for cremains must be of a permanent character and of unbreakable material.


Decorations not maintained or badly faded will be removed.

Summer decorations are to be removed by October 1st and

winter decorations by April 1st.

Live flowers must be planted in urns or flower pots and placed on the sides of the headstone.

The following decorations are not allowed:

trees, shrubs, grave blankets, freestanding statues, or glass. 




Monuments and Headstones
All monuments must have two feet of footing under them. The headstone must be placed on a cement pad at least four inches thick and placed at the head of the grave within the particular boundaries of the gravesite. There is only one headstone or monument allowed per gravesite. Other markers must be flush with the ground.
Grave Site Preparation
The funeral directors will have the information for grave preparation fees.
Winter preparations will incur additional expenses based on frost levels, snow removal and weather conditions.
Burial permits are required by state law for all burials, including cremains.
Our Cemetery Manager, Larry Zalewski, must be contacted before any grave can be dug, including cremains.