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St. Paul Catholic Church

Plainfield, WI

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Our Patron Saint
If Billy Graham suddenly began preaching that the
United States should adopt Marxism and not rely on
the Constitution, the angry reaction would help us
understand Paul's life when he started preaching that
Christ alone can save us.  He had been the most
Pharisaic of Pharisees, the most legalistic of
 Mosaic lawyers.  Now he suddenly
appears to other Jews as a heretical welcomer
of Gentiles, a traitor and apostate.
Paul's central conviction was simple and absolute:
Only God can save humanity. No human effort - even the
most scrupulous observance of law - can create a human
good which we can bring to God as reparation for sin
and payment for grace.  To be saved from itself, from sin,
from the devil and death, humanity must open itself
completely to the saving power of Jesus.
Paul never lost his love for his Jewish family, though he
carried on a lifelong debate with them about the
uselessness of the Law without Christ.  He reminded
 the Gentiles that they were grafted on the parent stock
 of the Jews, who were still God's chosen people,
the children of the promise.
In light of his preaching and teaching skills, Paul's name
has surfaced (among others) as a possible patron of
the Internet.